The Belmont Residences increased leads by 44% through Facebook Ads.

Through Ads Triangle’s Facebook Ads strategies for lead generation, The Belmont Residences increased its number of leads by 44% and decreased CPA by 28% within 30 days.

“We were able to increase the conversion rate by 171% By not spending anymore, we got more sales than we were getting before.” Ameet Mediratta

The Belmonte Residences is a Toronto, Canada based real estate company that provides well crafted and customized homes with a combination of quality materials and superior designs.

The Belmonte Residences was struggling to achieve a satisfactory Cost per Acquisition and were looking for maximum exposure through Facebook Ads campaign with increased clicks and impressions.

The Belmonte Residences achieved increased leads by 44% and decreased the CPA by 28% with our Facebook Ads strategies for lead generation.

Through this case study, we have exhibited the measures that we took in increasing leads and decreasing CPA. Besides, we have also incorporated techniques of optimizing ROI, leads, target audience and budget.


From 1st February to 28th February 2017

  • Increased leads by 44%
  • Decreased CPA by 28%.

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