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Top 12 PPC Blogs That You Should Never Miss To Read

The world has become digital, so has the advertising space. Earlier the businesses use traditional forms of advertising like the direct mail, TV, Radio and even print advertising.

But as the world evolved digitally, the advertising space transformed itself from traditional methods of advertising to digital methods of advertising.

One of the very popular forms of online advertising is the Pay Per Click Marketing. Over the years it has proved its worth of being one of the set platforms for online advertising.

Owing to the fact that PPC is dynamic in nature and is always changing. Hence, more often it comes up with new updated.

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By being a PPC marketer, you should constantly find ways to make sure that your clients get their desired results. You should try to get more exposure and increased qualified traffic for them which will further lead to more conversions.

If you want to become masters of Pay Per Click Marketing, you should have a habit of constantly learning the new tips and techniques from experts around you. Even if you are an advanced professional in PPC, you can still improve your capabilities.

Pay Per Click Marketing has a plethora of information which keeps changing as the new updates are released. There is a lot more to learn apart from the popular concepts like the Quality Score, Landing Page Optimization, Keywords etc.

Perhaps, you just cannot spend all your time looking for information from anywhere.

Don’t worry! You need not go through heaps of books to get the relevant knowledge about PPC. With digitization, the resources of gathering information have also evolved. And now a reliable blog is the best way to gather the dynamic knowledge.

For this reason, there are many PPC authorities who are publishing PPC blogs to educate the search marketers.

Although you can learn from trial and error, sometimes one single mistake in PPC can prove to be very costly. And it is but obvious that you would not like to make disastrous mistakes in PPC when you can easily the learn how to get optimal results through the PPC blogs.

Here are top 12 PPC Blogs that can surely provide you with ample information to make your next PPC Campaign strategy a success.

1. Inside Google AdWords

Blog Link: Inside Google AdWords

Twitter Followers: 488000+

Inside Google AdWords

Inside Google AdWords is Google’s official AdWords Blog.

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In the same way, to give more relevant and updated information about Google AdWords, Google has provided Inside Google AdWords blog.

Pay Per Click is a mode of online advertising that is featured by Google AdWords. As the name suggests, Inside Google AdWords blog focuses on the latest trends and strategies that take place in the PPC space.

As a matter of fact, PPC does not only takes place in Google, there are other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. But when it comes to search marketing, Google is the king. And no doubt it will remain the same in the near future owing to its huge popularity.

As PPC Marketing is primarily done through Google, the Inside Google AdWords blog provides you with a critical source of information to make all your PPC Campaigns profitable.

With about 488000+ followers, Inside Google AdWords blog provides information to your marketing team straight from the source itself.

However, Inside Google AdWords blog is a great place if you want to keep yourself updated with the new features or changes in existing features are rolled in.

Not only you will better learn about the new features and changes but Inside Google AdWords Blog will help you to teach the tips and techniques to have a better understanding of the PPC Campaigns and make them profitable as well.

2. WordStream

Blog Link: Wordstream

Twitter Followers: 290000+


Founded by Larry Kim, WordStream helps the online marketers to maximize the performance of their paid search, driving more traffic, leads and sales for lower costs by providing them with software and services.

WordStream is one of the well-known names amongst the internet marketers. It covers a wide range of topics that cover Search Marketing, Content Marketing, Mobile Marketing and affiliate marketing.The Wordstream Blog

They have a separate section for PPC where you can learn about all the aspects of PPC irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional.

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The WordStream blog facilitates on providing how to make more effective PPC campaigns by initiating their proven best practices.

Not only they have their blog post to provide information, but they involve a vast amount of media from where you can learn from. They have webinars, infographics, white papers and videos.

Furthermore, WordStream also promotes guest posting where they take fresh perspectives and insights from the guest authors.

WordStream is highly passionate about thought leadership and for this reason, they convey all their expert thoughts in their blog.

With the help of their blog, WordStream has become skilled in turning confusion into understanding and complexity into a clear direction.

The WordStream blog also excels in giving PPC industry specific advice for all kinds of readers whether they are the beginner, advanced or professional level.

3. Search Engine Land, Watch and Journal

If you want a daily dose of PPC at your disposal, Search Engine Land, Watch and Journal are the 3 websites that you should definitely visit. Across these 3 websites, you can get ample amount of information about your favourite sub topics of PPC.

All the three sites involve a lot of guest posts which is absolutely fabulous because you can get a lot of different expert opinions on a variety of options.

(i) Search Engine Land

Blog Link: Search Engine Land

Twitter Followers: 410000+

Search Engine Land Logo

Search Engine Land is a publication that covers all the aspects of the search marketing industry. Click To Tweet

Apart from the informational blogs they also cover daily news that covers breaking news, industry trends, feature announcements of Google AdWords.

Search Engine Land

In addition to the blogs and industry trends, Search Engine Land also features contributed articles by SEM experts.   These experts present their articles with practical tips, tactics and strategies for running successful SEM campaigns and marketing programs. They have a separate section named as SEM where you can find all the relevant and appropriate details about Search Engine Marketing.

(ii) Search Engine Watch

Blog Link: Search Engine Watch

Twitter Followers: 185000+

Search Engine Watch Logo

For an online marketer, Search Engine Watch is the blog that should be read without giving a second thought. It is one of the best sources for PPC information.

This website covers a range of strategies that vary from SEO, PPC and Analytics to Social, Mobile, Video and Content Development.

Search Engine Watch

Although PPC is a topic that the Search Engine Watch covers only a few times per week but they provide detailed actionable content. The Search Engine Watch also focuses on all the aspects of a PPC Campaign.

(iii) Search Engine Journal

Blog Link: Search Engine Journal

Twitter Followers: 155000+

Search Engine Journal Logo

The Search Engine Journal is a community that produces the latest search news, best guides and how to’s for the search marketing community.

Search Engine Journal

Their mission is to educate and empower the Search Marketing Community by keeping up to date with the latest breaking news and intelligence on PPC, SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing.

4. Unbounce

Blog Link: Unbounce

Twitter Followers: 77000+

Unbounce Logo

Unbounce is a Landing Page and Conversion Optimization Blog that gives you expert advice on how you can make your next online marketing campaign profitable.

With its blog, Unbounce has helped a lot of marketing and digital agencies to increase the website and campaign conversion with the special techniques of Landing Page Optimization.


Since they are inclined towards building high-converting Landing Pages, they explain all the tactics and strategies in their blog so that you can increase your conversions on every page of your website.

This blog gives you highly valuable strategies and unique insights on how to optimize your landing pages. They have topics of every level of expertise ranging from beginner’s level to advanced one to highly professional.

Their mission to educate, connect and empower marketing teams and agencies to grow their business with the best conversion tools. And Unbounce has done full justice to its blog as the content that they publish through their blog is highly relevant and revolves around Landing Page and Conversion Optimization.

With over 77000+ twitter followers, Unbounce has become one of the leading blogs.

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5. Pay Per Click on Quora

Community Link: PPC Quora

Quora Followers: 48000+

Quora Logo

According to Google, “Quora is a question and answer website where the questions are asked, answered, edited and organized by its community of users.”

Although Quora isn’t a blog but just a question and answer website, you can find exceptional reading material here.

It has four major columns which are Read, Answer, Top FAQ and Most Viewed Writers.

Pay Per Click Quora

Well, if you want general or specific knowledge about PPC you can easily go to the reading column and read the answers given. Or if you are beginning with PPC, the Top FAQ column might be of great help to you as it gives detailed insights of what is PPC all about.

By viewing the Most Viewed Writers, you can follow the professionals who are expert in the PPC space. If you follow them, you will get notified whenever they will come up with an answer. This will prevent you from searching for these particular PPC writers.

If you can’t find an answer to a certain question, you can even ask that question in the PPC community. Quora also allow you to request answers to a lot of PPC professionals and experts. You can also pop in to see what the rest of users of the PPC community are talking about.

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6. PPC Hero

Blog Link: PPC Hero Blog

Twitter Followers: 32000+

PPC Hero

PPC Hero is the blog of Hanapin Marketing, who is one of the leaders in the search marketing space. The fact that they have separated their blog from their management company is worth noticing and quite interesting as well.

Nevertheless, the blog is fully comprehensive and provides you with all the source that you could possibly want to know about Search Engine Marketing.

PPC Hero offers a wide range of topics for both a beginner as well as a professional. Click To Tweet

It talks about all the aspects from prevailing from the basic how to’s too advanced bid management and reporting abilities. The writers of PPC Hero blog are quite fearless and are not afraid to put their thoughts into words.

Besides providing you with the top class informational blogs, PPC Hero also hosts webinars from authorities in the search marketing space. 

PPC Hero also allows you to view the case studies, tips and tricks and valuable insights on how to make and execute effective search marketing strategies.

As PPC Hero offers you to select the topics on the main page, you can also search for a topic directly and can even subscribe to the PPC Hero Blog Series.

7. Jon Loomer Digital

Blog Link: Jon Loomer Digital Blog

Twitter Followers: 26000+

Jon Loomer Digital

Jon Loomer Digital is the website of Jon Loomer who is a Facebook Marketing Coach, author, speaker and strategist.

He launched his website Jon Loomer Digital in the end of 2011 to show the business owners can use Facebook to apply advanced strategies to build their business, drive leads and increase revenue.

The Jon Loomer Digital blog focuses on Facebook:

  • Marketing Best Practices
  • Advanced Strategies
  • Offers
  • Promoted Posts
  • Sponsored Results
  • Insights Analysis
  • Content Strategies
  • Growth Strategies

Jon Loomer

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a professional you will get all the insights about Facebook Marketing and Advertising.

You can also have the access to a thorough resource of Facebook Marketing tips and tutorials and also the analysis of the latest news in the Facebook Marketing industry.

Therefore, the main mission of Jon Loomer Digital blog is to help the marketers and business owners to maximize their efforts with the use of advanced Facebook Marketing Strategies.

8. Midas Media

Blog Link: Midas Media Blog

Twitter Followers: 21000+

Midas Media is another popular blog that goes around its notion of moving ahead from a click to conversion.

Midas Media

Its blog is devoted to marketers and business owners, allowing them to put in the very best PPC tactics and ideas for paid search.

There may be times when a lot of thoughts regarding PPC might be running across your mind. Hence, Midas Media takes the initiative of diving deep into the mind of a PPC marketer.

In the world of PPC blogs, this one is a hidden gem. There is so much of the actionable stuff here.

Whether you are looking for PPC Management Tips or Conversion Optimization strategies, you need to for sure have a look at its blog.

Apart from PPC, Midas Media also provides gainful insights on Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Optimization, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

9. AdEspresso

Blog Link: AdEspresso Blog

Twitter Followers: 9000+


AdEspresso is a presentation of Hootsuite which is a platform for managing social media.

The AdEspresso blog especially focuses on the making Facebook easily and profitable for small and medium businesses. Through its blog, AdEspresso helps you to create and optimize your Facebook Campaigns that truly works.

This blog gives you highly valuable insights and unique strategies to make your Facebook Marketing more and more effective as well as profitable.

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Being an intuitive Facebook Ads Management and Optimization Tool, AdEspresso explains all the aspects of Facebook Ads Campaigns, going all the way from a beginner’s level to the advanced level.

AdEspresso not only uses blogs as a source to provide the much-needed information, but they also release e-books, guides and webinars so that you can get the most of your Facebook Ads.

AdEspresso was launched in the year 2012 and since then, it has gained 9000+ followers on Twitter, which is not at all a bad number.

10. Certified Knowledge

Blog Link: BG Theory 

Twitter Followers: 7600+

Certified Knowledge Logo

Established in 2008 by Brad Geddes, Certified Knowledge is one of the prominent features in the Search Engine Marketing industry. It is also known as the Brad Geddes Theory on Marketing.

Certified Knowledge is an online PPC Training, Tools and Community platform. Click To Tweet

Through its blog, Certified Knowledge educates the marketers by giving them gainful insights and best practices of PPC Marketing.

Certified Knowledge

Its founder and author Brad Geddes wanted to educate the businesses. So after years of processing, experimenting and learning, he created lesson plans and agendas and training material. The reason he created all this was to educate the fellow marketers and businesses.

Apart from the informational PPC Blogs, you will also get the benefit of attending online workshops to enhance your PPC skills and will also get productive insights from the interviews of the top PPC experts.

Certified Knowledge also offers multiple learning styles. They offer AdWords Video lessons, self-paced online courses, webinars, radio shows and latest industry news.

11. Klient Boost

Blog Link: Klient Boost

Twitter Followers: 4500+

Klient Boost Logo

Klient Boost is a comprehensive advertising and marketing company that helps other companies to make more money through intelligent PPC Marketing and creative landing page design and testing.

Klient Boost is a platform that gives marketers and business owners relevant and accurate information on PPC, Conversion Optimization, Analytics and PPC.

They have topics for every level of expertise, starting from beginner’s level to moving up to the professional level.

They also tell you how to use the right keywords and write ads to increase your conversion rates.

Klient Boost

Klient Boost presents the blogs which have in-depth details and update information with step by step details.

Klient Boost also collaborates with other famous names in the PPC industry. Click To Tweet

Overall, Klient Boost gives an insider’s view on how to get long term and profitable results in PPC. It also explains the conversion optimization strategies.

No doubt, due to this reason, they have named their blog as The PPC & CRO Idea Factory.

12. CPC Strategy

Blog Link: CPC Strategy Blog

Twitter Followers: 2400+

CPC Strategy Logo

CPC Strategy is again one of the hidden gems of the PPC industry. It specializes in implementing performance growth on shopping channels that have a direct impact on the retailer’s profitability.

They are really passionate about online retail optimization and have understood the evolution of online shopping in a better way.

CPC Strategy truly focuses on Shopping and E-commerce Campaigns. Click To Tweet

With the increasing popularity of online e-commerce industry, many and many e-commerce businesses are also turning the way towards being digital.

Taking this fact into consideration, CPC Strategy focuses on giving valuable insights to the e-commerce business owners so that they build profitable and productive Shopping Campaigns. 

CPC Strategy

In their blog, the main aspect of focus are Google Shopping Management, Paid Search Management and Amazon Sales Acceleration Program. They also provide insider knowledge and optimization tips to make the retail search campaign of the e-commerce merchants highly productive and profit-fetching.

Thus, if you are looking for a resource that specifically gives you information about Google Shopping, e-commerce campaigns and retails ads, then there is no better option for you than CPC Strategy.

Final Thoughts

As you know that PPC is dynamic in nature as well as highly flexible. There are a lot of updates regarding PPC every now and then. Therefore, having information about these changes becomes really important when you are looking forward to making your PPC Campaigns profitable.

Well, to be true, nobody is going to come to your doorstep to guide you with the relevant information and updates. For this reason, the importance of blogs comes into light.

If you are just starting off with your PPC Campaigns or looking forward to optimizing them, all you need are the top PPC blogs that will guide you through your journey.

Hopefully, we have been successful enough in providing you with the top PPC blogs that you should read at any cost.

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