Apostolic Clothing


Apostolic Clothing is a Lilburn, Georgia, USA based ecommerce store that provides trendy, fashionable and modest women clothing and accessories.

Apostolic Clothing wanted Facebook Ads strategies that could increase their exposure through improved clicks and impressions. They also needed a strong strategy that could increase sales and conversions plus optimize the ROI.

With our Facebook Ads strategies to increase online sales, we helped Apostolic Clothing to increase their online sales by 159% and decrease the CPA by 10%.

Through this case study, we have revealed the strategies which helped Apostolic Clothing to increase online sales and decrease CPA. Further, we have also incorporated the methods for optimization of target audience, bids, sales and ROI.

159% Increase in Sales

64% Increase in Clicks

98% Increase in Impressions

10%Decreased Cost Per Acquisition



  • Setting up of RLSA Campaigns.Created Ad sets with specific ad targeting.
  • Targeted audiences based on their interests and demographics.
  • Set up Facebook Remarketing campaigns to retarget website visitors.
  • A/B testing of Landing Pages were conducted.
  • Created Lookalike and Email custom audience campaigns.

What we delivered

  • Increased sales by 159% within 30 days, 99% more than what we had committed.
  • Increased the clicks by 64.50%, almost 25% more than what we had committed.
  • Decreased Cost per Acquisition by 10%.

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