Fusion Glassworks


Fusion Glassworks is a USA based online company that sells high-quality China based custom glass and packaging products.

Fusion Glassworks was having trouble in channelizing campaigns and were facing frequent struggle in increasing quality leads and clients. Thereby, they were looking for strategic implementation of Google Adwords account.

Fusion Glassworks achieved increased leads by more than 197% and increased CTR by more than 30% with our Adwords strategies for Lead Generation and Phone Calls.

Through this case study, we have exhibited the measures that we took in increasing leads and CTR. Besides, we have also incorporated techniques of optimizing RLSA Campaigns, Remarketing Campaigns and A/B testing of Landing Pages.

142x Increase in Conversion

15x Increase in Impressions

383% Increase in Cost

96%Decreased Cost per Conversion



  • Proper restructuring of campaigns.
  • Appropriate checking of keyword match type.
  • Introduction of RLSA campaigns.
  • Conducted A/B testing of landing pages.
  • Improved all the required areas to boost the campaign performance.

What we delivered

  • Increased Leads by 197% within 30 days, 107% more than what we had committed.
  • Increased CTR by 30%, almost 10% more than what we had committed.
  • Increased spending with less CPA.

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