Healthera is a pharmacy app. It allows a patient to order their medicines from their local pharmacy anytime and anywhere. Healthera was struggling with low organic traffic and stagnant growth. They needed a complete strategy to optimize the website that increases the organic traffic.

Increasing organic traffic takes time. But we were able to increase Healthera’s organic traffic in just three months. Organic traffic has been increased for the website by 1575% on the website with our actionable strategy.

In the case study, we have explained what actions were taken to optimize the website and acquire some quality backlinks that boosted the website performance in a limited time. Also, we have discussed how the website was able to rank on the 1st page for multiple keywords.


Different industries require different SEO strategies to succeed in the game of online ranking. So we analyse the website and then adopt the best SEO practices that guarantee results. Here are some of the strategies that we used to increase traffic on Healthera's website organically.

  • • A complete SEO audit of the website.
  • • Restructure the entire website as per the SEO standards.
  • • Optimize the website content.
  • • Used long-tail keywords to succeed.
  • • Create great content for blog posting.


With our consistent and latest SEO strategies Healthera was able to get the following results

  • 60% of daily searches increased with our mobile SEO friendly techniques.
  • Overall website organic traffic increased almost by 1575%.
  • Bounce rate on the site has been reduced from 83% to 27%.

What we delivered

  • Within 3 months, Healthera was able to rank for 16 new keywords on the first page.
  • Page view has been increased up to 20k.
  • The website registered increased mobile traffic from 10% to 60%.

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