Iconvert is a Nolensville TN based company that provides the best quality wireless devices. Iconvert was facing problem in optimizing their adword budget spending. Their main concern was low impression rate and poor quality leads. They needed an actionable strategy to optimize their adword campaign.

In the time period of 1 month, Iconvert was able to generate high quality leads by 82.81% and also reduced their spending on per conversion by 20.50% with our adword management strategies.

In the given case study we have explained what actions were taken to increase the ad impression and clicks by paying less for each click. Besides, we have also explained the strategies to optimize the overall campaign, analysing competitors and increase the overall ROI through an effective way.

83% Increase in conversion

74% Increase in clicks

17% Decreased average cost

20%Decreased Cost per Conversion



  • Set up different campaign such as Shopping, Display & Search campaigns.
  • Optimization of shopping campaigns and display campaign.
  • Implementation of competitor analysis.
  • Implement strong strategy in all the areas to boost the campaign performance.
  • Proper A/B testing of landing page was done to generate high quality leads.

What we delivered

  • Increased the visibility of the ad (Impressions) by 127% in just one month.
  • Increased the conversion rate by 82.81% more than 23% of what was committed earlier.
  • Reduced the average cost on the advertisements by 16.52%.
  • Cost per conversion was also reduced by 20.50%.


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