Knobbery is a US based online store dealing in knobs and hardware. The online hardware store deals in bath, decor, lighting, plumbing and switch plating. When the client approached us they were struggling with multiple issues in generating online sales. They were paying a higher amount for getting every conversion. Plus they were getting a staggering conversion rate. This required a strong strategy to maximize the conversions.

So after through analysing, our PPC team integrated the best practices to restructure the entire shopping campaign. We begin to convert 98% of visitors who visited the website earlier through remarketing campaigns. Plus, bid optimization was also missing from the campaigns.

In this case study, we have showed all the steps that were taken to deliver results. We have also showed how we have identified the top competitors of the website and analysed their strategy.

171% Increase in Conversion

12% Increase in Impressions

35% Decrease in Cost

76%Decreased Cost per Conversion


In order to restructure the entire shopping campaign. We have used diverse strategies. Here are the strategies in crux form.

  • Analyzed knobbery adwords account & created plan to incorporate the best practices
  • Set up of RLSA and remarketing campaigns
  • Created dynamic remarketing plan for the shopping campaign
  • Created suitable, structured and optimized shopping campaign
  • Execution of competitors analysis
  • Performed analysis for budget, ads text, keywords, landing pages, product pricing and etc.
  • Strategically used negative keywords.


  • Min 70% increase in the number of conversions
  • We promise to reduce the costs per conversions atleasts 46%, but we deliver more.
  • The CTR and clicks improved
  • The online sales generated more within 30 days of implementing strategies

What we delivered

  • The conversion rate was improved by 171% with a span of 1 month
  • The cost per conversion was decreased by 76%
  • The CPC bid was decreased too and lead to an increase in the relevant percentage of traffic.

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