Payam Data Recovery


PAYAM, established in 1998, is an Australian based data recovery company which specializes in retrieving data and computer files for individuals and businesses.

Major problem that PAYAM faced was that in spite of spending a lot of budget on Adwords, they were unable to generate sufficient leads. Moreover, they were struggling to gain good conversions and striving to maximize exposure through Adwords.

PAYAM increased the conversions by 101% and decreased Cost per Conversions by 54.90% with our Lead Generation Adwords strategy for limited budget.

In the given case study, we have exhibited the steps and strategies that we incorporated to increase conversions and decrease Cost per Conversions. Additionally, we have also discussed the best possible way to utilize Brand Campaign and optimization tips for Remarketing and RLSA campaigns.

101% Increase in Conversion

70% Decreased in Impressions

10% Decreased in Cost

55%Decreased Cost per Conversion



  • Restructured the campaigns properly.
  • Conducted Landing Page Optimization.
  • Introduced RLSA and Campaigns.
  • Efficient utilization of Brand campaigns.
  • Eliminated non performing keywords.

What we delivered

  • Improved Conversions by 101%within 60 days, 51% more than what we had committed.
  • Decreased Cost per Conversion by 54.90%, almost 35% more than what we had committed.
  • Increased quality leads and improved the CTR.

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