Photo Framer


Photo Framer is a UK based company which has an easy to use website where the users are entitled to frame their pictures. Quality photo frames are what they deal in.

Photo Framer was consistently facing high competition in Google Adwords for the sale of photo frames, which lead to high CPC. They needed a strong strategy that could increase sales and conversions plus optimize the ROI.

With our Ecommerce Adwords strategy for limited budget campaign we helped Photo Framer to increase their sales by 120% and decrease the Cost per Conversion by more than 55%.

Through this case study, we have revealed the strategies which helped Photo Framer to increase sales and decrease Cost per Conversion. Further, we have also incorporated the methods for optimization of Bids, Campaigns, RLSA Campaigns, and application of a strategic way to use negative keywords.

120% Increase in Conversion

92% Increase in Impressions

2% Decreased in Cost

55%Decreased Cost per Conversion



  • Implemented suitable campaign restructuring.
  • Execution of Competitor analysis.
  • Introduction of RLSA and DSA campaigns.
  • Implemented all types of Ads extensions properly.
  • Created effective Ads text and checked keywords match types accurately.

What we delivered

  • Improved Conversions by 120% within 60 days, 70% more than what we had committed.
  • Decreased Cost per Conversion by 55%, almost 35% more than what we had committed.
  • Increased Clicks with improved CTR and reduced spending.

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