Recta Tech


Recta Tech, an electronics accessories providing company based in USA, sells its products through its online store This company sells brand new consumer electronics in the retail packaging.

Increased conversion by 122.40% with less CPA and Increased spending by 90.50% in 60 days.

In the given case study, we have exhibited the strategies that we formulated in increasing the sales and decreasing the CPA. Besides, we have also included the methods of optimizing Campaigns, Bids and Shopping PLA Feed.

96% Increase in conversion

24% Increase in Impr.

77% Decreased average cost

9%Decreased Cost per Conversion



  • Google Shopping & Campaign structuring.
  • Checking PLA feed & Merchant Center Account.
  • Checking Bidding as per profit margin of the product.
  • Checking most selling products.
  • Checking most selling areas.
  • Optimizing feed or restructuring feed to optimize the Google Shopping Campaign.

What we delivered

  • Increased sales more than 96%.
  • Decreased CPA more than 9%.
  • Increased CTR.
  • Increased spending with positive ROI for the client more than 90%.

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